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Early Treatment

Building Healthy Smiles for Your Child

Early Treatment

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist as early as age seven. At this point the orthodontist will evaluate whether your child will need orthodontic treatment.

A child’s radiant smile and good dental health are invaluable assets, fostering both their physical well-being and self-confidence. While orthodontic treatment is typically associated with teenagers, there are instances where early intervention can significantly improve your child’s dental outcomes as they continue to grow and develop. Recognizing the warning signs for early treatment is crucial. 

Some of these red flags include:

  • Thumb Sucking: Prolonged thumb-sucking habits can impact dental development especially if they continue to suck after age five. 
  • Teeth Misalignment/Crowded Front Teeth: Teeth that don’t touch correctly or don’t meet at all can signal alignment issues.
  • Baby Teeth Timing: Early or delayed loss of baby teeth can indicate underlying concerns.(your child should typically start losing teeth around age five, and will have all permanent teeth around age 13)
  • Chewing Difficulties: Struggles with chewing or discomfort while eating can be indicators.
  • Disproportionate Jaw/Teeth: Jaws or teeth that appear out of proportion may require attention.
  • Audible Jaw Sounds: Sounds coming from the jaws during movement could signify issues.
  • Mouth Breathing: Difficulty breathing can be linked to orthodontic concerns.
  • Misplaced Teeth: Crooked or misplaced teeth can benefit from early evaluation.

Age 7 is a pivotal age that marks the transition from primary to permanent teeth, making it an ideal time to assess any potential issues. During this early evaluation, any underlying problems can be identified. If no issues are present, your child’s growth and development can be monitored. However, proactive intervention might be necessary to create a favorable growth environment and reduce the complexity of future treatment.

Early treatment (also known as Phase One) typically begins around age eight or nine (Phase Two will begin around age 11 or older). The goal of early treatment is to correct the growth of the jaw and certain bite problems, such as underbite. Early treatment also helps to make room for permanent teeth to come in properly, lessening the chance of extractions in the future.

At Tremblay Orthodontics, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive early orthodontic experience for your child. Our goal is to make their visit informative and enjoyable, setting the stage for a lifetime of excellent dental health. During the appointment, your child will gain insights into orthodontics and what to expect from Tremblay Orthodontics in the future. We are committed to providing a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment, ensuring a positive dental experience for your child

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